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Dear Digvijay,

Kashish is a six-year-old girl who is
special. She has three siblings – an elder and a younger sister, as well as a
brother. She is an adorable girl who lives in her own world. She was initially
unnoticed in her group due to her quiet behaviour and her non-participation
within her group. But she discovered a way to get the attention of her
facilitator (by pinching the facilitator – ouch !!!). As the facilitator
started noticing this girl, she realised that Kashish was listening to
every bit discussed within the group. Kashish enjoys the facilitator’s company
and wants the facilitator to listen or just sit next to her.
Kashish loves to play with clay, blocks,
beading, and cutting with scissors (paper, straws etc.) She likes to tidy up
after every activity and she can sort things perfectly. Initially Kashish was
not accepted in the group by other children, but now that has changed. She is
accepted and has made friends – that is progression.

Kashish, according to her facilitator, just
needs love and acceptance. At SabTera she is getting an abundance of love – she
gets lots of cuddles to make her emotionally stable and strong.
She has a short attention span and the approach to increase it was by getting
her involved in high-interest activities, such as creative arts or expressive arts
like drawing, painting etc – since this requires a child to sit and focus for
an extended time as they work on these activities.

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